Albert Gonzalez
Coder and cartoonist
Hi! I'm Albert Gonzalez and I'm a computer programmer and a cartoonist from Barcelona. I'm currently finishing my Computer Science Engineering Degree (here) and making some comics on the Internet. Also, I like to make little games for fun and to learn more about all the game industry.

In this site you can see my resume (PDF in spanish) and some of my work (both coding and drawing). I've got a blog (in spanish) and a Linkedin profile too.

Feel free to visit it and ask me everything you want here.

Thanks for your time!
I've got some experience in Android platforms, with two aplications for my webcomics and one for unit conversion.

> 404, el recopilatorio was my first app. It was a comic strip reader for 404, one of my webcomics. It was available in Google Play, but now you can only grab the source code from my blog.
> HTZ, Official Turbo App was the second one. It was an improved version of the first and the source is available here.
> 0xConverter it's a free unit converter between decimal, binary, hexadecimal and octal. It started as a personal project focused in the usability and the visual aspect of the app. 0xConverter is available on Google Play.

I've worked as a web programmer too, so I'm comfortable with languages like PHP. I usually maintain and hack my own Wordpress for my webcomic. The site includes a modified theme and several custom plugins.

And, in my free time, I like to make some image generators for fun:

> El gato al agua (Spanish)
> Cosas de la vida (Spanish)
> Matins.Sí (Catalan)
> Generador de referčndums (Catalan)
> Fortune Cookie Message Generator (English)

They are very similar, indeed: The idea is to pick up some funny image (some of them related to the spanish or catalan culture) and add some spaces where the user can put their messages. Then, he can share it with Faceebok, Twitter or using a permalink.

Fun Fact: This system doesn't use any database. It stores the images with the names encoded and recovers it when the permalink is visited again. I've created some simple cache system to avoid generate the same image every time that some user opens it (It was a total waste of memory!). This caches are flushed every day.

For more detailed information about my skills (basically it includes some C++, Java, Python and survival scripting), please refer to my resume.

A simple Android game made with Unity. You are a flyin' coffeepot and you need to avoid the bad guys and score points. Inspired by games like Cannabalt or Flappy Bird.

The Last Coffeepot is a free game for Android, and you can download it on Google Play.

Since 2012 I've been doing HTZ, a regular comic strip about science, computers, popular culture and similar stuff. It's a four panel joke per day (Monday to Friday) and currently I'm editing the firsts strips in physical books available in the shop.

Unfortunately, HTZ is only in spanish. I'm also working in a spin-off called Deadly Panel: Basicaly the same idea but in english (with original content and some HTZ translations).

Before HTZ I made 404 (2007 - 2012), an old comic strip about the same topics. 404 is now closed and it's temporaly unavailable (I'm planning some new website with the old material in the future).

Also, I've been worked in some fanzines and magazines:

> Ruleta Rusa (co-creator)
> Studio Kat (collaborator on some of their fanzines)
> Freaks in Black (collaborator on some of their fanzines)
> WeeZine (collaborator on a fanzine made by some webcomic artists)

And I'm a member of l'Oasi (The oasis in catalan), the satirical magazine made by the Facultat d'Informŕtica de Barcelona (my college) students. I usually write some jokes, draw some comics and then use Indesign to put it together.

All of this publications are in spanish, but nowadays I'm trying to make some english stuff.